April 11, 2017

How to make a can robot with recycled tin cans


All you need to do is:

1. Use the contents of the can.
2. Carefully tape over the sharp edge of the can rim. You can use grey electrical insulating tape or gaffer tape for this.
3. Wash the can, using hot soapy water to remove the label – then dry it.
4. Now you need to make the facial features. Be creative and try and re-use materials that you already have.

Here are some suggestions:

- Use a metal pan scourer for the hair
- Draw the eyes on to paper/card and cut out
- Cut out celebrity eyes from magazines
- Use odds and ends like clothes pegs, bits of old DIY items such as washers, bolts, grommets, wing-nuts etc.
- Use cotton wool and cress seeds to grow your own hair for your can robot
- Old magnets make good decorations
- Old cotton reels and toilet tubes are good for arms and legs.
- Use broken electrical items such as gadgets, remote control car parts etc to decorate and mechanise your robot

Here are some great examples of recycled can robots.